A More Familiar Penguin Coming to ‘Gotham’ Series Finale

by Kendra Smart
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A cuddlier, more comic- book accurate Penguin may be coming to Gotham for the series finale. Rumors had been flying around and have now been confirmed by the man himself, Robin Lord Taylor. Fans will be seeing Oswald Cobblepot as we have always known him. Merciless and well fed.

Gothamites Unite!

If there is one thing that I have seen the team of Gotham doing, it is definitely trying to provide fan service. By taking the beloved characters and putting their own spins to them they still managed to feel like they were those characters. Gotham has even brought us several characters to the plate receiving their on-screen debuts, such as this coming season’s premiere of the character Magpie.

With them going back to the well if you will, just to grab some essentials, I am wondering if we will see a rubber ducky or two? For the hardcore fans of the Batman series this is an exciting time as the team of Gotham, by team I mean everyone involved, is closing the series after this season. They are pulling out all the stops and bringing in villains that we all know and love; Harley and Bane being just two examples, are ones that are said to be stopping by.

Thanks For All The Fish

Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon are going to have their hands full as it seems like the previous seasons have been timid in comparison to what’s coming next. Taylor himself was a fan favorite from the beginning as he made us relate to and empathize with the character of Penguin. He brought facets to the character that I had never seen and absolutely loved.

This may be the shortest of the seasons with only 10 episodes, but with what awaits the poor city of Gotham it will be a thrill ride. Joker, Harley, Bane…oh my, is that a familiar umbrella and question mark cane that I spy?

One of our own writers even nibbled at these foretellings in a recent interview with both Robin Lord Taylor and Cory Michael Smith.

Are you as utterly excited for the coming season of Gotham as we are? What about seeing the Penguin we are more familiar with? Let us know your thoughts below.

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