Is A Character From The Past Returning to ‘Gotham’?

“Every boy’s special lady is his mother.” That special lady to Bruce Wayne would be Martha, who was murdered in a Gotham City alley with her husband Thomas, leading Bruce on his journey to become the Batman.

Depending on which interpretation of Batman you are following depends on which parent Bruce was closer with. Christopher Nolan focused on Bruce’s relationship with Thomas before his death, while Zack Snyder thought his connection with Martha was more important. Mostly because, you know, Superman’s mom is also called Martha…

The death of the Waynes has been given many interpretations through many mediums, including the show Gotham on Fox. Season 1 Episode 1 saw the famous murder of the Waynes and now it is confirmed that in its fifth and final season, Martha Wayne will be returning to the show and will be played once again by Brette Taylor.

It is unknown if Martha will be appearing in a flashback or if they will handle it differently (dream, chemical trip, etc). 

An image appeared online of Taylor on set sitting with Sean Pertwee (Alfred) and Cameron Monaghan (Jeremiah) captioned “Takin a break with the gang #Martha”, with the tweet since being taken down. It has now been confirmed this wasn’t just an actor visiting the set during its final days of shooting, but rather she was there to film scenes as Martha Wayne.

Reports are saying that the character’s return will take place in episode 7, which Gotham’s writer/producer Tze Chun revealed is titled “Ace Chemicals”. Clearly this episode will focus on Jeremiah/Joker, so could Bruce confront the villain only to be gassed and have hallucinations about Martha? Or will they continue to pull the thread from Season 4 that revealed Jeremiah has ties to the Waynes and Martha will appear in a flashback?

Given how looney this show (and comic books in general) can get, it’s also not out of the realm of possibility that they somehow resurrect Martha. However, it feels like an unwritten rule of comics that no matter how many characters have been resurrected over the years, Uncle Ben and Thomas and Martha Wayne aren’t included because apparently Spider-Man and Batman aren’t allowed to be happy.

What do you think Martha’s return to Gotham means? How do you think they’ll do it? Let us know!

Chris Foti

Lifelong fan of Batman and Boston Sports