Review: Walmart Teen Titans #3

by John Hagmann
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“Dead Reckoning” 

Writer: Dan Jurgens

Artist: Scot Eaton

Dan Jurgens pens the latest Walmart-exclusive Teen Titans #3!

The 100-page issue showcased the Teen Titans as they took on the “Fearsome Five” – Shimmer, Gizmo, Mammoth, Psimon, and the Disruptor. But, readers learned the “Five” served only to distract the Titans. Rather, the “ultimate goal” came from H.I.V.E. – a criminal organization with an even more devious endgame.

Surprisingly, the first of four stories contained in Teen Titans #3 utilized a more classic line-up of heroes consisting of Starfire, Beast Boy, Robin (Tim Drake), and Raven. Under Jurgens’ pen, Starfire served as narrator and aptly introduced new readers to characters and roles. Additionally, she shared her own unique origin throughout the narrative.

The story had a classic feel to it, reminiscent of John Byrne’s Man of Steel or Chris Claremont’s X-Men. I don’t mean it will endure like those classic tales, but only that it felt different than many current offerings. I liked the story’s simplicity and that it had new readers in mind. So, with a new audience in its sights, the issue served as a solid introduction to the Teen Titans. Also, it served to introduce their long-standing opponents. Simultaneously, Jurgens introduced underlying tension – the “Fearsome Five” were merely part of H.I.V.E.’s larger plot. Here, readers were left to sort out whether the “Five” knew they were pawns, how the Teen Titans would uncover their schemes, and what the “ultimate” aim of H.I.V.E. was.

Simple. Effective. Compelling.

Aesthetically, the issue was beautiful. Artistic panels conveyed a sense of ease as if inks, colors, and words flowing together was a simple process. Rather, when things flow together it’s usually the fruit of labor-intensive edits. The panels had a wonderful contrast and depth to them. Characters popped against the backdrop of beautiful settings. Consequently, Teen Titans #3 was visually pleasing in a way that sort of “this is easy” vibe.


The Walmart-exclusive Teen Titans #3 brought an old-school vibe and introduced classic characters to a new audience. I really liked the story we were given access to review. Dan Jurgens’ writing showcased a simple, yet effective storytelling style paired with exquisite art by Scot Eaton and team. Initially, I did not anticipate how much I enjoyed the simple story. However, I was pleasantly surprised and found myself disappointed there wasn’t more. With nostalgia and solid storytelling, I’m so glad the 100-page specials are back! I’ll have to snag this one to read the other three stories.

Images courtesy of DC Entertainment.

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