Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Terrorizes the Subways in Set Video

by Eric Lee
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A set video is now online featuring Joaquin Phoenix in full-Joker gear stepping into a subway station.

The Hollywood Pipeline video depicts a Gotham subway station full of people who are possibly protesting. Suddenly the subway car open up with clown-masked thieves swarming the station. Meanwhile, the Joker casually strolls off-camera away from the violence.

Note how the civilians are holding protest signs for Thomas Wayne.

War of Jokes and Riddles

While we have no context for the scene, it does have tantalizing teases. At some point in the movie, apparently Thomas Wayne runs for mayor. More interestingly, there seems to be a faction of Gotham against Wayne.

Additionally, the idea that the Joker is already in full-villain mode-complete with henchmen and full costume-raises questions. Exactly, how long has he been the Joker relative to Batman’s age? Even if the movie featured a young Bruce Wayne, the timeline is firmly pre-Waynes’ death. That must mean that the Joker was in operation for, like, 15 years before Batman even comes on the scene.

Given that Joaquin Phoenix is currently 43 years old, that means that by the time the Joker and Batman meet, he will be close to his 60’s. That is a pretty substantial age gap. Also, what the heck would the Joker be doing for 15-Batman-free years? The whole point of why the Joker continues is because of Batman.

The Joker movie hits theaters October 4, 2019.

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