Brett Cullen May Be The New Thomas Wayne

Veteran actor Brett Cullen is allegedly up to portray Thomas Wayne in the solo Joker movie. reports that Cullen will fill the vacated role of Batman’s dad. Warner Bros. have not released an official announcement yet. Cullen has had many notable film and television parts, in shows such as Lost and Person of Interest.  

More interestingly, Cullen played a small part in The Dark Knight Rises, Congressman Gilley, the hapless politician who was seduced by Selina Kyle.

Crisis of Infinite Thomases

The Joaquin Phoenix-led Joker film initially cast Alec Baldwin for the elder Wayne, but this news was superseded when Baldwin dropped out of the role days later. According to the actor, the Joker movie’s interpretation of Thomas would have been a sleazy businessman, ala 1980’s era Donald Trump. However, this goes against the traditional caring philanthropist character from the comics. Many Bat-fans were quick to point out the disparity, including Dark Knight News’ Sharna Jahangir.

The Joker movie is due to hit theaters on October 4, 2019.

Eric Lee

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