Amazing ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ Cosplay At Dragon Con 2018

Fans go to conventions for various reasons. Meeting an actor from one of their favorite shows or movies. Meeting their favorite writer or artist from a novel or comic book. Taking pictures with famous celebrities. However, there is one tradition like no other: cosplay.

Besides Halloween, of course, comic cons are the number one place for fans to dress up as their favorite characters. Some fans take the art of cosplaying so seriously, you would swear the character just leapt right off the comic page.

At this year’s Dragon Con in Atlanta, Instagram users mark_knight_rises and vixiecosplay showed up in stunning Batman and Robin (Carrie Kelly) costumes from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.

Check out this photo on mark_knight_rises page, photo credited to Jason Laboy.

Absolutely perfect.

These two are no strangers to cosplay. If you look at both of their accounts, they’ve donned some amazing costumes in the past, including Deadpool, Gambit and Wolverine for mark_knight_rises and Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen and Negasonic Teenage Warhead for vixiecosplay.

Have any of you cosplayed as your favorite characters at a con? Let us know and share your pictures!

Chris Foti

Lifelong fan of Batman and Boston Sports