DKN Spotlight Review: Nightwing Annual #1


Writer: Benjamin Percy

Artist: Otto Schmidt

Oh man, what an issue! Benjamin Percy takes us on such an incredible journey through the pages of this comic. From the first panel to the last, this issue is wrought with mystery, action and suspense. Continuing the story from the last run in Nightwing. Percy brings in more pawns in the game of chess that Dick Grayson is currently losing to Wyrm.

The Dark Web is here, and it is terrifying. If anything is to be taken away from this comic, it is how much we rely on our technology in this generation. We have become so dependant on technology that we believe whatever we see or hear from it.

Those who control the media, control the world.

This is the message that I feel Benjamin Percy is trying to convey with this story arc, and boy does he get his point across!

I freaking loved this issue. I loved the story, as well as the visual style. Schmidt’s artwork only compliments the tone of the Percy’s writing.

I think, what I enjoy most about Nightwing comics is that our hero is being pushed to his limits. It’s obvious that Dick’s having a hard time fighting Wyrm, especially as he doesn’t fully understand what he’s fighting against.


It feels like a good old fashioned hero story, Dick’s trying to overcome a foe that has him beat at every turn.

I am eating it up too! I don’t want it to end!

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

Philip Clark

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