‘Gotham’ Executive Producer Posts Photos, Revealing New Look for a Cast Member and a Bird-Themed Gang

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The Gotham farewell season is currently shooting and you would definitely know it based on all the photos that the cast and crew are posting. Most notably, executive producer Danny Cannon. The one man PR team for the show, Cannon is always talking at great length with press regarding the series, and now he’s teasing fans with some photos on Instagram.

First up, we have our first look at Babs. The psychotic ex-fiance of Jim Gordon, currently the proprietor of NEW Sirens Club. Based on the new photos, there’s evidence in hindsight that she was slowly shortening the length of her hair as the show progressed. And now, she’s chopped it all off.

#gothamseason5 The always exquisite Barbara. @erinrrichards

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A much sportier and practical cut compared to her previous glamorous ‘dos, pulled off quite nicely by the beautiful Erin Richards. This photo, however, looks like she’s been through hell as she’s not quite as made up as she usually is.

Considering that season 5 is supposed to be tying up the loose ends that will eventually lead to the Batman that we all know, a lingering question seems to be in the air. What is this Barbara’s place in the Batman mythos? In most continuities, Barbara Kean is the mother of Barbara Gordon and wife of Jim. While it was hinted at in season one with their engagement, it clearly wouldn’t be the writers’ intention, as Babs leaves him later in the season. It’s true that Gotham does not follow regular comic book continuity, but it would certainly be an unpopular choice to completely omit the future Batgirl. Maybe something leads Jim to name his daughter after this Babs? We’ll find out in season 5.

Bird-Themed Thugs from the Mad Max universe?

At the end of season 4, Gotham has descended into madness. Civilians have been evacuated and criminals have largely taken over the city. There’s probably not a whole lot left in the city, likely turning it into an urban wasteland not unlike a post-apocalyptic world. It makes sense that those who remain likely banded together with those who have a common purpose… gangs.

With that long prologue, Danny Cannon has also released another shot from the set of Gotham… well, at least, we think so.

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This group of individual looks like an established bird-themed gang from the Mad Max universe. Their attire seems to be thrown together from pelts and leathers, their masks being the most prominent feature, some of which resemble the skulls of birds. (That’s a pretty good band name.) The overall aesthetic is very comic booky.

The photos have no caption, leaving many to speculate that this ragtag group of bird enthusiasts are actually what remains of the Court of Owls. While the leaders were eliminated in season 3, the fate of the Talons is still unknown. Since they currently do not have a master to serve, I wouldn’t doubt that this is what became of them after Gotham fell. However, the bird masks do not look like owls, so I’m less inclined to believe that theory, especially considering that the Court’s council all sported elaborate masquerade masks meant to look like owls. This means that those masks do exist somewhere in Gotham. Some costume maker should have some lying around after he fled or after he was, you know, murdered.

I personally just that it’s a random gang in Gotham born from the chaos that may have a large role in the upcoming season.

Unfortunately, Season 5 of Gotham doesn’t have a release date, but DKN will keep you posted.

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