SDCC 18: DC Animated Movies to Adapt ‘Hush’ Storyline

by Eric Lee
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After the world premiere of DC Animated’s Death of Superman movie at Comic-Con, the panel revealed its next project: adapting Hush.

The DC Animated team unveiled its lineup of animated movies for 2019. First, Reign of the Supermen will follow up Death. Then, Justice League vs. The Fatal Five and Wonder Woman: Bloodlines. But the biggest reaction was the announcement of Batman: Hush.

‘Hush’ Explained

Hush is a popular storyline where the bandage-faced villain Hush used Batman’s greatest enemies in a complicated revenge scheme. The Long Halloween‘s Jeph Loeb teamed-up with Jim Lee in his first regular DC title. The story arc revamped many of Batman’s characters in fresh ways and officially paired-up Catwoman and Batman as a couple.

Hush proved wildly popular, even today-as evidenced by plans for another collected edition of the story to be published. How DC Animated will condense a 12-issue-long plot into a concise 75 minute film is anybody’s guess.

Batman: Hush does not have an official release date yet.

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