‘Batman: The Enemy Within’ May Be Released On Nintendo Switch

by Philip Clark
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Telltale Games have released one of the best Batman video games of recent years. If you own a PS4 or a PC, you’re able to play the critically acclaimed Batman: The Enemy Within. Even the Xbox One has three of the five released episodes.

But wait, I don’t own those consoles mister writer, I own a Nintendo Switch.

Fear not, dear reader!

Telltale Games are releasing the game on the Nintendo Switch just for you. Yes… you!!

While there has yet to be a confirmation or release date from the company, a rating for the game on the console has appeared on the ESRB website. The game rates at an ‘M’ for mature content, with this as their rating summary;

This is an action game, based on the Batman universe, in which players assume the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman as he battles villains in Gotham City. Players engage in various action sequences that require timed button presses to successfully punch, kick, and incapacitate enemy thugs/villains; blood is frequently shown as characters are injured. Cutscenes also depict acts of violence: characters killed by machinery while inside a chamber; fingers cut off by saw blades; a man’s throat slit with a bladed hook; a character’s stomach cut open to remove a device. The word “sh*t” appears in the dialogue.

More To Come

With Minecraft: Story Mode releasing last year on the Switch, it was only a matter of time before more titles hit the console. Batman: The Enemy Within is only one of many Telltale Games. If you enjoy it, and you most likely will, make it known. Tell your friends and family, tell everyone you know. Let the word get out that this incredible game is available for them to play.

Telltale Games are a fantastic company. The art style of their games is really pleasing to the eye, and the game style flows really well too. The stories are intricate, heart-felt and have been well received, especially their Walking Dead series.

So if you’d like more of their games on your lovely console. Tell them!

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