The Meat Trinity: DC Heroes To Promote Meat Products

by Alexa Wayne
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In the last few years, the rise of popularity of being vegetarian and vegan has become something more than a trend. These are affecting companies producing variety of products containing meat. And one has turned to the DC Comics Trinity to support their cause.

To counter act the rising percentage of vegetarians and vegans among younger people, one of the biggest food companies in the UK has asked for the rights to use the three main superheroes from DC Comics: Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. It is an attempt to help sell their products to the younger generations.

DC Comics for Meat?

Warner Bros. has given their blessing to the company, which quickly turned their burger patties into the shape of the logos of the beloved superheroes. Mostly known for their burgers and sausages sold in different flavors containing more than fifty percent meat.

However, this raise a few questions. Are vegetarians and vegans left behind? Is it really a good idea to take side in such a sensitive conversation? Aren’t superheroes supposed to be neutral in those types of scenarios?

It is no secret anymore that slaughter houses and meat farmers have been abusing animals. I won’t get into a debate of either it is good or bad to be a carnivore or vegan. That is not my place and this article isn’t about that… or is it?

Associating oneself with sensitive matters, such as animals, meat and food in general, is very delicate. Also, despite associating it with child nutrition, it does impact the thinking of adults like me who are fans of DC Comics. I believe it is better to keep away from these subjects.

Personal Choices

Being a vegan or vegetarian is a personal choice and happens for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes it’s medical, sometimes about being an animal lover or both. Seeing your favorite superhero being associated with such a delicate matter can be saddening or  even offensive.

Superheroes, especially the famous Trinity, are public figures. Without using all three, maybe Superman could’ve been used, but Batman and Wonder Woman – being younger. They could’ve been left behind thus representing younger generations.

It is a matter of thinking what is good for the people, but sadly, money sometimes speaks louder than what’s right. It sometimes contradicts what superheroes stand for. But now, I’m getting a little preachy. Let’s stick to the subject at hand!

DC Comics’ Vegan Future

Maybe we’ll see other younger superheroes stand for the other percentage of people. Maybe the Teen Titans, as we know Beast Boy is vegetarian and so is Poison Ivy. Despite being a villain, she is one of those who don’t eat meat.

Whatever happens in the food industry, I just hope that superheroes won’t be used for such radical stands as this. It is a subject that is becoming more and more sensitive. After all, we are growing in the awareness of the environment, including the animal kingdom.

Come what may, let’s hope our superheroes inspire younger generations to be healthy and take care of what they eat and what they stand for.

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