Preview: Batman #47

by Eric Lee
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“The Gift” Part 3

Writer: Tom King

Artist: Tony Daniel

CBR have put up an exclusive preview for Batman #47.

Booster Gold really messed things up badly at the end of the previous issue. Will he be able to finally make things right? Maybe. But first he needs fight it out with a gun-happy Bruce Wayne and shave off that disgusting beard. Like, seriously, it is so gross to look at. It resembles that one time the Joker grew a beard.

Official Solicitation

Batman #47

Writer Tom King

Artist Tony S. Daniel

Variant Cover: Amanda Conner

“The Travelers” Part three! As Booster Gold, Batman, and Catwoman zero in on the time anonmaly, what they find and their actions to correct it will have ramifications on all of the DC Universe. Tom King and Master Class artist Tony S. Daniel end their first story with a bang that will tee up the next big development in the Batman/Catwoman romance.

Rating: T

In shops: May 16

SRP: $2.99

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