‘Batman v Superman’ Photographer Clay Enos Releases New Photo of Batfleck and his Batmobile

Back when our hopes were still high for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Ben Affleck’s casting as the Dark Knight lit the Internet on fire. Most people were very unhappy given his first opportunity playing a superhero didn’t end very well. There was some trepidation going into BvS after that and fans were anxious to how well Affleck could play Batman. Then, the first official photo of Batfleck hit the Internet and the blaze grew uncontrollable.

This is that photo:

It was a very dramatic black and white still that gave a small glimpse of the Batmobile and a shot of Batfleck in his armor. Though the composition came under fire as his edgy, brooding pose gave birth to a meme and a host of hilarious images, there was no question that Affleck looked the part. The Batsuit had the giant bat and short ears from the Dark Knight Returns and the material finally gave us something closer to what we saw on the pages of the comic book.

As we’ve soon come to realize recently, there’s been a lot that’s been left unreleased from both Batman v Superman and Justice League. Since Zack Snyder is no longer employed at WB, there’s been a bit of a free for all of information from the somewhat jilted director. However, this time, we’ve got a previously unreleased photo from Clay Enos. Taking to Vero similar to Snyder, he released a photo of Batfleck with his Batmobile in what seems like the same photo shoot as the image above.

So dark and moody

It’s another shot that was taken in the same photo shoot, but zoomed out to feature more of what looks like an abandoned warehouse. We see the Batmobile in its entirety and Batfleck in a different pose. This picture is far better than the first, from 4 years ago. However, the first photo had a purpose; It gave us a fantastic  first look at Affleck’s Batsuit. This version doesn’t contain that level of detail.

What do you think?


Adam Poncharoen​sub

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