‘Batman ’66’ Themed Smartwatch To Be Released

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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For all you techie Batfans out there, this is the article you’ve likely been waiting for. Smartwatches have made their way into our culture as great companion pieces to your smartphone. It’s wearable technology that allows you to do a number things without needing to grab your phone from your pocket. Just as there are many smartphones on the market, there are almost as many smartwatches to accompany them.

Batfans, you need not look any further.

One61 Studio, in partnership with DC, are currently taking pre-orders for their Superhero Smartwatch Collection. So far, there are three to choose from. The first one is based the hit TV series, The Flash, the other is based on DC’s best live-action movie in the current DC movie universe, Wonder Woman, and the last one is based on Batman ’66. (Wonder Woman smartwatch not currently available for pre-order.)

The one we’re interested is obviously, the Batman ’66 one and there’s a lot to love if you adore this era of Bat history. The smartwatch’s goal is to make you get up and move, giving you incentives to reach your step goals, very similar to a game. The step goals are referred to as “Crime Fighting.” Neat. When you meet your step goal, you will be rewarded and Batfans, if the fitness goals aren’t enough to motivate you, these rewards will. The rewards involve clips from the Batman ’66 show. If you hit a step goal, you could possibly see Adam West punch The Joker… on your phone! Alarms and notifications will also use audio clips from the show. As expected, it has most the features of your average smartwatch like timers, call and text message integration, and music navigator.

The Smartwatch we deserve

For those of you who can’t enough of Batman ’66 and the late, great Adam West, you can pre-order this baby for $124.99, which I think is extremely reasonable for those dedicated to the Bright Knight.

Unfortunately, it will run its own OS and therefore, there is no access to an app store or third party apps, but it does not discriminate. Both Android and iPhone devices are compatible.

These smartwatches begin shipping in mid-June. So, grab yours soon!

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