Geoff Johns Teases Doom Patrol for ‘Titans’ Live-Action Series

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The Titans live-action series is coming to WB’s exclusive streaming service very soon. Since then, we’ve had a ton of casting news for Starfire, Raven, Hawk and Dove, Beast Boy and even The Acolyte. But nothing excited Batfans more than the reveal of Brenton Thwaites in costume as Robin. It was a glorious, fairly accurate take on the costume that fans have been waiting for since Joel Schumacher put nipples on Robin in Batman Forever. The Hawk and Dove costumes were revealed shortly thereafter, which were also gorgeous in their own right.

Since then, it seemed pretty quiet on the Titans front… that is until Friday, when Geoff Johns dropped a bomb on Twitter.

The cover of the script for episode 5 of the Titans series reveals the title to be “The Doom Patrol,” which DC fans will instantly recognize as a superhero team created back in the 60s. The original run featured a team of misfits very similar to the Suicide Squad, going on outrageous missions.

DC’s X-Men? Or Marvel’s Doom Patrol?

A key point to note here is that each member of the team was alienated in some way due to their powers. Many believe that the Doom Patrol inspired Stan Lee to create the X-Men, but that is more speculation than fact. However, the coincidences are fairly striking.

Their connection with the Titans is through Robotman, the only consistent member in all incarnations of the Doom Patrol. He appeared multiple times in Marv Wolfman and George Perez’ run on New Teen Titans. It was also revealed that Beast Boy’s family contributed to the rebuilding of Robotman’s body. The Titans eventually assisted in avenging Robotman’s teammates.

For the younger generation, the Doom Patrol was featured in the last season of the Teen Titans animated series, allowing us to explore Beast Boy’s background prior to his admission into the Titans. They also appear in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, fighting alongside the Bats to defeat General Zahl’s team of Doom Patrol rogues.

No other details have yet to be revealed, but a confirmaton of a live-action Doom Patrol should certainly be enough to get fans riled up. It’s likely the episode will be based on Beast Boy’s connections to Robotman and the defeat of the Brotherhood.

Titans will debut some time this year.

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