Tabletop Game ‘Batman: Gotham City Chronicles’ Under Development By Monolith

by Philip Clark
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Take Up The Cowl

Have you ever wanted to fight crime in the streets like the Caped Crusader, but never had the billions of dollars? Do you think yourself as a master tactician, much like the Bat himself? Soon you will have your chance to prove this to all your friends!

Monolith are currently in the early stages of creating a tabletop game based around the Dark Knight. Still in the very early stages of development, they have recently released a character design of The Dark Knight Returns version of Batman.

Characters Galore

Using the miniature figurine format, like many tabletop games do, Monolith are giving you full control over your character and their actions. Allowing you to take to the streets of Gotham as one of a long list of characters from the Batman mythos.

Who will you be choosing from the ever expanding list of released characters? Harley Quinn? Robin? Poison Ivy? Joker? Deadshot? These are the characters that Monolith have released figurines for. Others include; Nightwing, Oracle, Black Canary, Riddler, Bane, Commissioner Gordon and more.

Bonding Around The Table

If you’ve had your interest piqued, the you’ll be pleased to hear that you can help this game happen, by supporting their Kickstarter from February 27th.

Batman: Gotham City Chronicles sure looks to be an exciting and interesting way to get the friends and family gathered around the table together. Surely nothing bonds people together more than that.

The Dark Knight. Coming to a tabletop near you soon. Sort of.

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