‘Justice League’ Production Designer Shares The Dropped Bat-Motorcycle Sketches

by Sharna Jahangir
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Justice League has a wicked onslaught of Wayne/Bat-tech. Both the Batmobile and the Flying Fox put on a great show, and with Batman, we know there could always be more. Production designer Patrick Tatopoulos posted his designs for Batman’s possible motorcycle on Instagram. They were in the early stages of the concept, however, it still looks pretty rad. Just take a look!

One major appeal of the DC Extended Universe is its darkness and its relation to our post-post-postmodern era. It embraces that there is no such system as a utopia, and so we live constantly in a dystopia. Technology and our imagination of the future develops, and so this design is futuristic. The sharpness and angular frame give it a cyberpunk feel. It’s slick, and would move fast; also keeping in the modern love and interest of compact high-tech designs. Patrick Tatopoulos gave this batbike a more Bat-feel with its sharpness.

Thus far, all we have are sketches. There are no plans for a batbike in any of the upcoming DCEU films. Tatopoulos commented:

Another quick doodle on the side of my dreams.


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