‘Justice League’ Actor Shows Off Musical Skills…Sort Of

Before being cast as  Victor Stone / Cyborg in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the highly-anticipated Justice League, actor Ray Fisher started performing on the stage. It is not known if he ever sang while performing, but he can apparently hum.

During an international tour promoting Justice League with his cast members, Fisher was spied by a Twitter user humming the theme song to the animated series.

He also dropped the famous Cyborg catchphrase in a new TV spot. The saying was made popular by Khary Peyton on Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go!

Justice League premieres in theaters on November 17.


Kevin Gunn

Kevin is married with 5 children and 4 grandchildren. He loves all things related to DC Comics, even those movies that get a bad rep like "Batman & Robin" and "Catwoman." He has a degree in Communication and has a Masters degree in Public Administration. His favorite DC hero and villain are Black Lightning (though Batman is a close second) and Black Manta respectively. Kevin tries to exemplify being a hero every day by helping others. Something interesting about him: he was a contestant on "Wheel of Fortune." Follow Kevin on Twitter - @captsigma