NYCC 17: Funnest Event Of The City That Never Sleeps

It’s exciting being in the city that inspired our beloved Dark Knight. The city that drove him to vigilantism and justice.

Welcome to New York Comic-Con!

Where it’s basically 4-days of Christmas and Eid for the biggest of fans! 

This year, editor of Dark Knight News, Kevin Gunn, and I were invited as press to experience and cover this Class-A convention.

Certainly a big year for Batman and the Justice League.

Warner Bros. introduced and allowed guests to play their released Justice League VR, where the interior was designed just like Bruce Wayne’s Bat-cave.

And DC hosted actual models of the Justice League suits! Suit-up!

By the way, check out hashtag #JLHalloween on Instagram, where the cast of Justice League will share this year’s best Halloween costumes.

DKN and our sister site DC Comics News had the chance to interview the biggest stars that fan-culture has to offer, including interviews with Star Trek legend William Shatner, Adam West’s unforgettable Robin, Burt Ward, DC Comic’s writer Max Landis with Lord of the Ring‘s Elijah Wood. And of course, our Batman’s legendary contributors Bruce Timm, Kevin Conroy, and Tara Strong, and countless others such as James Tucker, the voice of over 9 Batman animated films, Jason O’Mara, and producers and writers of Justice League (2004). Links to interviews attached and more coming.

The iconic artist of DC, Alex Ross, had his own gallery and space allotted to his work. Prices varying from $500 to over $3000.

It’s an overwhelming, gorgeous event, guaranteed to bring the greatest joy and fun to any fan. There’s something for everyone, that’s for sure. I mean, you can find just about anything. I myself went around collecting the 1950s comic issues of World’s Finest.

It was grand enough to tire out even the toughest heroes!

And so thank you to NYCC 2017, RedPop, and the kindest staff for bringing us to one of America’s most fantastic 4-day weekends. In darkest times we need heroes and inspiration more than anything.

Sharna Jahangir

Lover of all things Batman. Majored in English and Biochemistry at the University of Toronto. Passionate about Defending citizens as much as Batman, found herself at Defence Research Development Canada working under Dr. Ming Hou. Also a Graphic Designer, avid blogger, and hobbies in drawing comics. Sharna's not the best at maintaining a secret identity, but more than strong enough to protect her loved ones.