Build-A-Bear Announces DC Collection

by Chris Foti
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Happy Batman Day, one and all!

Batman Day is the annual event where fans from around the globe celebrate the Dark Knight Detective and his 78 years of history.

Comic book shops and book stores will have various Batman themed comic, posters and merchandise available for fans. Joining the list this year is Build-A-Bear, who will be rolling out a brand new collection of DC’s greatest heroes…and villains.

Batman is arguably the most popular of the Justice League members, and his greatest enemy, the Joker, could be said to be just as popular. And if last year’s Suicide Squad showed us anything, it’s that Harley has her fair share of fans too.

Available now, exclusively on for $35 each, you can grab a Harley Quinn and Joker Bear to cuddle up with during your DCEU film binge to lead up to Justice League.  The traditional mallet and Joker playing card are included.

Also included with each purchase is a free DC Superhero Girls comic book, while supplies last.

Starting next month, to coincide with November’s Justice League, Build-A-Bear will also be releasing official bears for the film, which will include Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman costumes. Bear owners can currently get Trinity costumes for their bears, but it is expected that these official costumes will mimic the ones in the film.

DC’s Big Three will retail for $28 a piece. Batman will be available in stores and online, while Superman and Wonder Woman will be online only.

Will you be adding an official DC bear to your collection? Let us know!

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