‘Justice League’ Character Posters Highlight Each Hero


Back in July, Warner Bros. released a new poster for the upcoming Justice League film at SDCC, which looked to be highly inspired by art from Alex Ross. While it’s a great ensemble shot of Earth’s mightiest heroes (poor Superman), WB has released high quality shots of each individual hero.

The shots were done by long time Zack Snyder collaborator and photographer Clay Enos, who said that shots were inspired by the cover of the 2005 series Justice by Alex Ross.

Enos was excited that WB decided to use his Alex Ross inspired shots for their marketing:

“I used this exact image as my reference for what became of the latest JL poster. I simply had the idea and took the initiative to pay homage to Alex Ross by making a few quick portraits in that distance light. I’m so glad the WB marketing team ran with them. I love it!”

Ross is one of the more highly regarded artists in comic books, especially when it comes to the Justice League, so it’s great to see WB using that in their marketing. These shots of your favorite hero will surely make great backgrounds for your computer!

Justice League hits theaters on November 17th.


Chris Foti

Lifelong fan of Batman and Boston Sports