Review: All Star Batman #13

by Ryan Lower
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“The First Ally”, Part Four

Writer: Scott Snyder

Artists: Sebastian Fiumara, Rafael Albuquerque

(Minor Spoilers Ahead)

The countdown is on. We have one issue left until Scott Snyder’sĀ All Star Batman ends its run. This week’s issue #13 opens up with an intriguing set-up of Commissioner Gordon and the GCPD with their guns drawn on the Dark Knight. Before we know it, we’re falling with Batman and Alfred, and a heroic save soon follows. Cut to a flashback of Alfred and his badass pre-butler days, dealing heavily with his relationship with his first mentor, Briar. Back in the present, Batman is tracking down a lead (or just-triggered memory) of the Elliot family retreat) but is surprised when he arrives, especially when Briar sicks his weapon, Nemesis, on him. Alfred is then called and the butler is ready to unleash hell in next month’s finale.

Another great effort and issue from Snyder. It’s been over a month since the last issue of ASB so it took me a while to put the pieces together. What the writer has crafted is yet another great chapter exploring the strong relationship and admiration Alfred has with/for Bruce. He loves the guy as a son and friend, and it’s what us fans have known all along and support. It’s a love story us sappy comic book readers will stand up for. Sure, the villain(s) are a bonus but it’s really about Alfred and Bruce.

The art is consistent with everything we’ve seen in this arc. Fiumara has crafted a book that looks strictly painted, but we know it isn’t. The purple skies fit beautifully with the Miami setting, and the character outlines give a style similar of Rafael Albuquerque and Jock. It’s great to look at, and repeat readings are strongly encouraged.


All Star BatmanĀ #13 delivers what you’ve come to expect from this book. Action, great art and a deep bond between Bruce Wayne and Alfred. If you’ve been following along, pick this one up and count the days until next month’s finale. If you haven’t been reading, better wait for the trade.

Images courtesy of DC Entertainment

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