Review: Justice League #27

“Legacy” Part 2



Writer: Bryan Hitch

Artist: Fernando Pasarin, Oclair Albert

Colorist: Brad Anderson 

Part two of “Legacy” explores a new future, which introduces a handful of children. They resemble powers of the Leaguers and so it’s presumed they’re the real children of the members (I’m skeptical because DC keeps giving us children and then taking them away). Our heroes are always facing their mortality, and we enjoy having a way to pass on their legacy.

I’m sincerely confused as to what DC is planning on building with Justice League. The blockbuster Justice League is coming out in three months, November 17th, however, this series is not entertaining at all. My only positive aspect of this is: okay, there are some new kids on the block, maybe they’ll be cool to learn about (not really). Even then, they appear one-dimensional. The writing is inconsistent, it’s so distant from other arcs from Rebirth that I find it its own universe. This can’t be canon. I’m just sad that there are such greater stories that can be pulled from these legends, and an infinite amount of creativity to expand these characters. But instead, they’re just here.

Just what sort of drama and tension are they trying to create in these panels?

Amazonians do not hate men for their gender, they hate a world filled with corruption and destruction. And it just so happens that men are the majority of the leader who imposes that wicked injustice, but they never target them for their gender. There have been multiple instances where Amazonians attack women who carry equal (or even more) wickedness. They have male gods, whom they respect so it makes little sense as to why they’d reject a male child. They allow all good humans a chance.

And multiple attempts to tug at heartstrings, resulting in feeling too sappy.

The artist is gifted as any other DC artists, but I’m not a fan of the style. It carries a mix of realism and caricature features creating something that looks as if it’s from Adult swim. I do appreciate Pasarin’s ability to draw big, buff women, he gives proportions on women that are rare to find when done by other artists. I respect it!


This issue feels empty, like realizing how much empty carbs you just ate finishing off a pizza alone. I’m sure it’s entertaining to flip through, however, there’s no meat pulling us in. I have to admit, I am losing hope for this series, I need something good to come out of it soon.

Images courtesy of DC Entertainment

Sharna Jahangir

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