Fan Creates DCAU ‘Justice League’ Poster

by Ryan Lower
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Have you come down from your Justice League high yet?

The upcoming blockbuster blew up San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend. Prior to the Hall H panel, which included Ben Affleck speaking about playing Batman and a 4-minute “sneak peek,” Warner Bros. released an awesome new poster. Highly influenced by Alex Ross, the poster includes Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman, as well as the text “You Can’t Save The World Alone,” including the heroes’ symbols in each word. It’s awesome and very clever.

Take a look.

It didn’t take long for fans to get creative.

Justin Bellman, Twitter user @YourAvgBellman, was on the case and created his own poster, heavily influenced by this one. He used the same idea, just in the world of the DC Animated Universe.

Also awesome and very creative.

Meanwhile, Justice League is set for a November 17th release date. For the hundredth time, feel free to watch that sneak peek below.

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