Justice No More – Netflix To Remove ‘Young Justice’ And ‘Justice League’ Shows

by Steve J Ray
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Netflix have announced that they will be pulling the shows Justice League, Young Justice and Justice League Unlimited from their streaming service.

With the two League shows, the news isn’t all that surprising. With Young Justice, however, the timing is strange. The animated show that follows the adventures of the League’s young counterparts – don’t call them sidekicks – is about to receive its third season.

This animated series is one of the most popular that DC has ever produced. It ran for two seasons between 2010 and 2013, before ending on a cliffhanger. It is one of just a handful of shows which has been recommissioned, due to popular demand and fan petitioning.

The new season will be called Young Justice: Outsiders. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it will launch next year on the new Warner Bros. Digital Network. The series is currently in production with five episodes already complete. The channel may be changing, but the show is definitely coming back.

Time is Running Out

Though fans will no doubt be happy to finally see the team in action once again, catching up with past seasons on Netflix will soon no longer be viable. The three DC shows are due to be taken off the online streaming service on July 31st. Fans of the three series’ currently get notifications of their imminent withdrawal whenever an episode is selected for viewing.

All three shows are terrific and well worth watching. Seasons 1 & 2 of Young Justice are available to buy on DVD and Blu-ray, with some sites already offering pre-release orders for season 3!

So, there you have it Bat-Fans. Netflix subscribers that want to watch Justice LeagueYoung Justice and Justice League Unlimited, have just over two weeks to do so on that platform. With a new season on the way, I would highly recommend jumping in now, before it’s too late.

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