DKN Spotlight Review: Nightwing #23

by Tyler Harris
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“Blockbuster,” Part 02


Writer: Tim Seeley

Artist: Minkyu Jung



Major Spoilers Ahead


“Blockbuster” is an arc I have been looking forward to since I heard about it. Now here we are – two issues in – halfway through – and my excitement for what is coming next is only growing as the weeks go on. Picking right up where last issue left off, we see Roland and Nightwing talking after their brief tangle. We also get a nice little backstory piece for the original Blockbuster, Mark Desmond, and how Roland fits into everything that’s going on. Usually, I’m not a fan of exposition through flashbacks, but it was handled here in a really nice way that made it very enjoyable. Dick spends the rest of the issue tracking down some leads that Roland gives him until ultimately, it’s discovered that he was being played the entire time: Roland is working with Tiger Shark, and Dick is trapped in – what he describes as – “a cocktail mixer for bad guys.”

I have to say – this double cross isn’t completely unexpected. Part of me always knew that Blockbuster would have to be the villain of this arc, as redeemable as he may have seemed up to this point. But hey, perhaps it’s a double-double cross – making Dick think he’s been betrayed but in reality, he’s getting closer to Tiger Shark? I guess we can only know in time. All in all though, this issue was solid. It took the foundation of part one and really ran with it in a way that was nostalgic but also nice and fresh. I’ve said it a thousand times and I’ll say it a thousand more: Tim Seeley is one of my favourite comic book writers. Period. After loving his work on Grayson, to see him helm a solo Nightwing series is a dream come true. It’s difficult when reviewing these issues to not give a perfect score; he writes his characters – but especially Dick – with such ease and feeling, and it makes this series such a joy to read. So kudos to you Tim – you’re doing a wonderful job.

Yet again, I find that I am repeating myself; this art team is incredible. We have series regulars Chris Sotomayor and Carlos M. Mangual on colors and letters respectively, with the ever brilliant Minkyu Jung taking on another issue of this series as the artist. I’ve found that other reviews don’t necessarily discuss any of the art team aside from the ‘main artist’ and that’s a shame really. For a book to look this good, everyone involved deserves recognition. The way that this book is presented has always amazed me, and these past two issues with Blockbuster have been wonderfully and terrifyingly good. All of this too with Seeley’s writing? How could I not call this my favorite Rebirth title? Arguably my favorite DC book ever. Seeley, Jung, Sotomayor and Mangual all work together to craft a solid story with gorgeous interiors, and this arc has only been reinforcing that a thousand times over.


Yet another brilliant entry into this fantastic series, we have now reached the halfway point of the “Blockbuster” arc. I find myself racing out to pick up this book every two weeks when it hits shelves, and implore anyone who isn’t reading this series to do the same.

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