Batman-Themed Cruise Ship Sets Sail

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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Unfortunately, I’m not one to enjoy a cruise. Aside from the fact that I do suffer from seasickness, my claustrophobia makes it a little daunting to spend more than a day, confined to a boat. However, I think I’m going to start training my sea legs.

The ship Tirrenia received a face lift. The ship now depicts a comic book Batman in all in his glory! The ferry line struck a deal with WB to bring to life this masterpiece.

Not seen in the video, however are the other sides of the ship. One side depicts Batman and Robin, while another shows Batman facing off against the Joker. It’s not just aesthetics either. The ship will also feature a DC Superhero game room! Though I anticipate that it’s like an arcade, no further details were given.

The ship set sail about two weeks ago from Italy, going to islands Sicily, Sardinia, and Tremiti.

Let me pack my bags and some dramamine and head over to Italy.

Would you want to travel on this ship? Let us know.

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