Chris McKay Reveals an Easter Egg in ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ Hidden in Plain Sight

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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The LEGO Batman Movie hit digital shelves on Friday, meaning you are now able to stream the movie in the comfort of your home. After debuting to an extremely warm reception in The LEGO Movie, LEGO Batman was destined for more. His spinoff movie did not disappoint. The movie was a great time, paying homage to Batman’s rich history in pop culture, while still crafting a poignant story that appeals to both children and adults. The story was very much a Batman story.

In it, the Batfans are treated to so many references and Easter eggs to Batman’s past. Therefore, it’s no surprise that even the most eagle-eyed fans may have missed this little Easter egg. It was seemingly hidden in plain sight.

The Entire City

Chris McKay, director of the LEGO Batman Movie took to Twitter to reveal this:

Though The Dark Knight Rises utilized Pittsburgh as its Gotham, fans will be more inclined to Chicago, as that is the Gotham City seen in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Former and current Chicagoans now have a reason to re-watch the flick many times over to pick apart the city!

Let us know if you find something you recognize!

The LEGO Batman Movie is availble now on Digital HD with the physical media release coming on June 13.

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