Joss Whedon Talks Developing ‘Batgirl’

by Ryan Lower
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Joss Whedon is directing a Batgirl movie.

This announcement (which was initially reported “nearing a deal”) surprised superhero fans, but in a positive way. The man behind Buffy the Vampire SlayerThe Avengers and more was taking on Barbara Gordon. How could this not turn out (at least) good?

Since the announcement, Whedon has been mum on the development process. That is, until last night at the Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 premiere.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the director described how quickly the idea came about.

“We weren’t even talking about Batgirl – it came up as part of another conversation and then we all got so excited that the movie suddenly appeared. So that’s a really good sign to me. It wasn’t a slot they were trying to fill. We all just started talking about her and then I couldn’t stop. So, that’s a good feeling.”

Variety later caught up with Whedon, asking him about possible casting choices. Despite who you may have in mind, it doesn’t seem like there’s a frontrunner yet.

While this doesn’t give any “scoop” on the movie, it’s a relief to read. Whedon is approaching the movie, and character, delicately and isn’t concerned with “who looks like a fit,”or “who could wear the cowl,” but rather who IS Batgirl. That is worth waiting for.

Enjoy the Making of ‘Batgirl’

I’m looking forward to riding the Batgirl waves until the movie’s release. I believe it’ll be a slow process until more information is revealed (scriptwriter, actors, release date), but that’s okay. Allow Warner Bros. and Whedon to take their time with this and let us know details when there’s something to be reported. We’ve waited so long for a Batgirl movie, we can wait a little longer.

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