Tom King Reveals ‘A War of Jokes and Riddles’ Story Details

by Tyler Harris
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Over the past few days, the DC Universe has had some pretty exciting things happen. Firstly, we learned that The New 52 Batman dream-team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo would be re-teaming for a ground-breaking new series entitled Dark Nights: Metal, and now we have Tom King – the writer for the current DC Rebirth Batman series announcing story details for his latest arc!

Entitled “A War of Jokes and Riddles,” this upcoming arc will feature a clash between two of Batman’s most classic rogues – The Joker and The Riddler. The most interesting of this has to be the styles: The Joker is very illogical in his ways, whereas The Riddler is entirely logic-based. While solid details are pretty scarce at this point, King took to Twitter to share some more information about the arc:

  • King describes “The War of Jokes and Riddles” as “a story of the past that will shape the future of the DCU.”
  • War of Jokes and Riddles is an 8 part epic starting in Batman 25. Scripts by me. Art by my genius brother, [Mikel Janín].
  • “A year after he began, Batman thinks he understands the pain and power of Gotham. And the war comes, and he learns he knows nothing.”
  • “Joker vs. Riddler, a war that divides and destroys his city. In the midst of the carnage, will the Dark Knight rise again or finally fall?”

Along with these, he also shared some information during his appearance at FAN EXPO Dallas over the weekend:

  • The basic premise: the Joker and the Riddler clash, as neither one wants the other to destroy Batman and rob them of the satisfaction. This causes a “gang war” to erupt with people taking sides, all while Batman is caught in the middle trying to keep the city safe.
  • We’ll see some cool fights, like Deadshot vs. Deathstroke and Solomon Grundy vs. Killer Croc.
  • The arc will be broken up into acts, after a fashion: issues 25-26, 28-29, and 31-32 will be part of the main story, with art by Mikel Janín.
  • Issues 27 and 30 will feature a guest artist he couldn’t announce at the time, and they will take a look at what it means be a bottom-tier villain during one of these big wars. It may or may not focus on Kite-Man.

Lastly, King shared these two images on Twitter, captioned only as “The Riddler is tired of jokes.” and “The Joker is tired of riddles.” Make sure to stay tuned to Dark Knight News for any and all updates as we learn more information about this exciting new arc! Same Bat-web! Same Bat-handle!

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