Joker Impersonator Arrested By Police

by Kevin Gunn
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“The Joker” no match for Winchester Police in Virginia

A few days ago, we introduced you to a man dressed as Batman helping to shovel snow in Montreal, Canada. For every action there is an equal an opposite reaction.

Jeremy Putman

Photo courtesy of Winchester Police Department

Jeremy Putman, 31, was arrested on Friday, March 24 by police in Winchester, Virginia. Local 911 respondents received calls of a suspicious male dressed as “The Joker,” wearing a cape and welding a sword.

Putman’s alleged charges include wearing a mask in public, which is a Class 6 Felony and could face five years in jail. Police received several reports a “Joker” menace, and believe Putman to be the only suspect.

It looks like Putman was trying to channel Heath Ledger, the posthumous actor who portrayed the Joker in The Dark Knight (2008).

Putman is currently being held at the Northwestern Regional Adult Detention Center pending $2,000 bond. There is no word in the report about the suspect facing charges for the mentioned sword.



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