Batman Shovels Snow in Montreal, Canada

by Philip Lawrence
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Batman. The Caped Crusader. The Dark Knight. The silent protector who prowls throughout the night, fighting crime, protecting citizens and… is shovelling snow in Montreal?

In early 2017, the city of Montreal, Canada was struck by the most massive snowstorm seen yet. Montreal endured, however the strong gale of freezing wind left the city with a 16 inch sheet of snow. The citizens of Montreal were majorly surprised when they received help from the superhero Batman. The Caped Crusader was seen helping people shovelling snow, providing them free coffee and ensuring an elderly lady doesn’t slip on the ice.

The superb good deed was orchestrated by local children entertainment company, Mj Anim’Action. Co-founder Mehdi Bennani Smires donned the iconic costume and took to the streets to help Montreal’s citizens. Bennani Smires and co-founder Julien Bauby released a video on Youtube documenting their thoughtful exploits.  The video can be seen below.

Prior to their Batman escapade, Mj Anim’Action were known throughout the community for dressing up as superheroes at children’s’ birthday parties and entertaining sick children at local hospitals. From their video the company has attracted wide recognition and many positive comments. Bennan Smires himself was asked why he had not chosen heroes like Spider-Man or Superman. Bennan Smires jokingly replied “I couldn’t be Spider-Man. It was too cold.”

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