Matt Reeves May Have Already Committed to Directing ‘The Batman’

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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Nearly two weeks ago, Batfans were hit with the relatively upsetting news that Ben Affleck had stepped down from directing the upcoming Batman solo film. Since then, several directors have been bandied about by fans, but that was just speculation. The most prevailing word was that Matt Reeves, the director of 2014’s Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, was high on the list of potential directors.

Variety’s source is saying that Matt Reeves has already committed to direct the Batfleck film, but a contract has yet to be signed. With that being said, we cannot fully confirm that to be the case. A number of things could change between now and an official announcement by WB. It could simply be a rumor, but Variety is generally known to be reliable. Also, with no deal struck and nothing legally binding, WB or Reeves could simply change their mind.

Regardless, if Matt Reeves does in fact sign his life away to a Batman solo film, I’d be satisfied with the choice. Overall, I was pretty impressed with Cloverfield. And although Let Me In was an American remake of a Swedish movie entitled Let the Right One In, I thoroughly enjoyed it as a movie that stood on equal ground with the original.

As Variety points out, Reeves clearly can roll with the punches by picking up where Rupert Wyatt left off in the Apes series and making a sequel that was somehow superior to the first. To say the least, he’s a good pick that can help to fix something that could have been broken.

Accordingly, Affleck will still maintain some control over the direction of the film, but will focus more so on portraying the Dark Knight.

If Reeves gets the gig, officially, I’m excited. DKN will keep you updated.

What do you think? Excited for Reeves to helm the movie?

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