Review: ‘Justice League vs. Suicide Squad’ #2

by Ryan Lower
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Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artist: Tony S. Daniel

It’s an all-out brawl in the pages of Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #2 this week. The issue picks up right where we left off a week ago, with the two groups going at each other while Amanda Waller watches from the comfort of her own headquarters. Meanwhile, the true villains of the story have come together and are coming to terms with their mission in a castle far, far away.

There’s strength already in this title being a weekly book. Issue #1 is so fresh in my mind that I’m very happy with this one being basically an action-packed story. Most of the books 40 pages contain the two teams battling it out, with each battle even getting a page to themselves. Don’t worry, the story does advance to a pretty cool cliffhanger that luckily we only have to wait (less than) a week for.

Writer Joshua Williamson returns this week, but to keep up with the release dates, Tony S. Daniel stepped in for the art. While Jason Fabok nailed every panel in the first issue, Daniel is just as effective here. I’ve always loved his style, and he doesn’t skimp out on the detail. His action scenes look great, while also capturing the mood to perfection with Maxwell Lord and his gang of evildoers.

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #2 is another exciting chapter. More action and “less” story isn’t a problem here, especially with the title being a weekly book. Pick a side if you want, but I have a feeling they’ll be coming together to take down a greater threat.

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