New ‘Suicide Squad’ Concept Art Shows Alternate Character Designs

With the impending release of the Suicide Squad Blu-Ray and DVD, some concept art has circulated on the Internet with alternate takes on our favorite Task Force X members.

Check out these crazy designs for Enchantress! The floating eyes on her alone are enough to give you nightmares. Can you imagine what that could have looked like in motion? It is almost a shame that we could not see this design on the big screen. This concept art highlights Enchantress’ characterization as an ancient deity from hundreds of years ago.

Here are some other alternate designs of Enchantress where it skews closer to her traditional green cape and body suit costume. It seems like the Suicide Squad filmmakers settled on a final movie design that is a cross between the crazy ancient god look and the more comic book-inspired suit. Not to be shown up by Enchantress, there is also a different look at Katana’s costume. Katana’s alternate suit has more of a grunge, goth-rocker vibe, complete with a painted face and an unusually high amount of straps.

There are some good looking Joker and Harley concept pieces too. One where it looks like the Joker rescued Harley from something. There are others that are painted art pieces that show key frames of scenes. Some of the scenes appeared in the movie like Harley jumping onto the helicopter while being rescued by the Joker and some scenes that do not appear, such as what appears to be the Joker shooting a police officer in the middle of traffic.

Suicide Squad Concept Art Reveals Deleted Joker And Harley Quinn Scene [email protected] – Artist: Christian Lorenz Scheurer

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More Suicide Squad Concept Art by Christian Lorenz Scheurer [email protected]

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Suicide Squad: Extended Cut will be made available for Digital HD on November 15th, with a Blu-ray release on December 13th.

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