Amazon Unveils New ‘Suicide Squad: Extended Cut’ Trailer

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice eventually received an extended cut in the form of the Ultimate Edition, it was obvious that Suicide Squad was going to get the same treatment. It took a little while longer for WB to make the big announcement, but it’s definitely on its way.

Amazon has unveiled a new trailer via their product page. One simply has to navigate their media from the Blu-ray cover over to the video. And yes, it does contain brand-new footage of the Joker and Harley. Thankfully, someone managed to grab it and put it up on YouTube for me to embed here for you folks.

Check it out:

There isn’t a whole lot of new stuff to see in the trailer, but it does its job of sufficiently hyping me to see it. However, what’s very strange is that at the end, it claims that the Digital HD is available now when it’s available on November 15th. It seems that Amazon released it earlier than anticipated.

Unfortunately, the extended cut is only 13 additional minutes. I can’t imagine that there will be too much Joker/Harley scenes within the new 13 minutes that would change the public opinion on Jared Leto. Though it seems unlikely, the best case scenario is that although there are 13 additional minutes, new footage actually replaces a lot of the older footage to make a far better cut that provides a better emphasis on the Joker/Harley stuff.

Suicide Squad: Extended Cut will be made available for Digital HD on November 15th, with a Blu-ray release on December 13th.

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