Review: Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1

by Ryan Lower
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bbr2Writer: Dan Jurgens

Artist: Ryan Sook

Minor Spoilers Ahead

Honestly, I never got into Batman Beyond. It’s not that it was bad or anything (in fact, it was very respectful of the Batman lore when it aired on Kids’ WB in the 90’s), I just couldn’t accept someone else behind the cowl.

That could change after Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1.

This issue is a great spot for anyone to jump on to. It quickly establishes the hero’s jump behind the suit, while also mixing in what we can expect in the coming months. In a nutshell, Jokerz (the future’s Joker wannabes) have hijacked a school bus (which floats in the air in the future). In Gotham, you’re doomed because Batman is on the way. While taking down the bad guys, we also get a quick backstory on how the man behind the mask, Terry McGinnis, started suiting up in the first place. The issue wraps up perfectly as a tease for where the book is headed.

Dan Jurgens (who wrote the previous 16 issues of Batman Beyond) doesn’t waste any time winning over old fans, and new ones, alike. His pacing is stellar and accomplishes so much in so little time. We learned a lot about McGinnis, but there’s much more left unsaid. A little exposition-heavy about midway through, but he is forgiven.

Of course, a comic book is a visual medium, and Ryan Sook knocks it out of the park here. His pages are detailed, fun and paint a fun picture of a future Gotham. I’m excited to see what he has in store for us, and his take on certain characters we are bound to see in the coming issues.

Overall, a great starting point for new fans, and a great continuation for old ones. Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1 is a fun look toward the future, and I’m ready to go there.


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