‘Suicide Squad’ Week Six Box Office Update

by Eric Lee
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Suicide Squad added healthy domestic box office numbers to its sixth week, bringing it closer to the coveted $700 million worldwide milestone.

The David Ayer-directed film grossed $5.6 million at the North American box office, placing it at fourth place for the top weekend grosses. The current domestic box office stands at $307.4 million.

However, the real news story is the foreign box office, which pulled in an additional $10.1 million from 64 different oversea territories this past weekend . A large part of that international haul was due to the movie debuting in Japan at $3.6 million. This places the films’ foreign box office at $392 million.

When you also add the domestic totals, that brings the super villain team-up flick to a worldwide total of $699.4 million. The movie is within spitting distance of achieving the $700 million mark. It is expected to push past the $700 million line by the end of Monday.

UPDATE: Ayer confirmed that Suicide Squad crossed $700 million on a Twitter post. Congrats to Ayer and all of those who worked on the film!


Suicide Squad is now playing in theaters.

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