‘Justice League vs. Suicide Squad’ Coming This Winter

by Ryan Lower
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Following the big screen release of Suicide Squad last month, a lot of wishful thinking has been going on for sequel ideas, pitting the Squad against the Justice League. DC is already ahead of the game… in the comics.

Starting in December, the two teams will go head-to-head (fist-to-fist maybe?) in the comic mini-series, Justice League vs. Suicide Squad. Fan favorite artist Jason Fabok revealed our first look to the Wall Street Journal today.


The basis of the story isn’t fully known, but the title basically gives you what you need to know. Batman and Superman’s team take on Amanda Waller’s gang of misfit supervillains. The mini-sieres will last for six issues of its own title, plus tie in to Suicide Squad #9 and #10, and Justice League issues #12 and #13. Writer Joshua Williamson (The Flash) is handling scripting duties, which can’t be an easy task considering the massive amount of characters to include from each title.

                “That’s been one of the biggest challenges, easily: trying to make sure every character has a moment, but isn’t forced.”

The event will also plant the seeds for the return of Justice League of America in February.

I think this is a great time to cash in on Suicide Squad’s box office success, which currently sits at $640 million worldwide. This has been a great year for the title and has generated a lot of interest. I would really like to see a Justice League vs. Suicide Squad movie, but we know that may never happen. So, DC is making sure it gives us what we want, one way or another.

Count me in.

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