‘Suicide Squad’ Cast Members Share Favorite Deleted Scenes

by Eric Lee
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It is no secret that Suicide Squad has a lot of deleted material that was never seen in the theaters. Now the cast of the film open up about some of the scenes that were missing.

Some of the scenes were described as ‘intense’ by the actors. Captain Boomerang actor, Jai Courtney discussed an omitted scene that he shared with Killer Croc where they get into a bit of a heated melee and Croc backhanded him into a stack of containers. Some scenes required the actors to put in a lot of work, that unfortunately did not show up in the actual movie. Margot Robbie shared how she had a whole dance routine in the Joker/Harley strip club flashback that was only in the background of the final film’s cut. Robbie on the cut scene:

“I had to learn to do a very wicked dance in the club scene, and you see snippets of it, but I was like, ‘There was a whole dance routine’!”

Finally, Deadshot actor Will Smith reveals a scene that Deadshot and Rick Flag shared that was so intimate that it cannot possibly be real… or can it? Watch the video below and decide for yourself!

Suicide Squad is now playing in theaters.


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