DC Comics Tops Comic Book Sales for July Thanks to ‘Rebirth’

by Damian Fasciani
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Thanks to the popularity of the new Rebirth line, DC Comics has finished as the number 1 comic book publisher for the month of July with its sales figures beating all competition. DC didn’t just sneak in to the top spot, it dominated with eight of the top ten sales coming from its Rebirth line.

  • Justice League #1 took #1 spot
  • Justice League: Rebirth hit #2
  • Numbers 3 and 4 were taken by Batman
  • Nightwing: Rebirth was #5
  • New Super-Man #1 managed #8
  • Nightwing #1 was #9
  • Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #1 rounds it out at #10

As a result of the strong figures, DC Comics’ shares increased by 35.36% in dollar shares, and 40.96% unit shares. The executives over at DC would be a happy group!

DC Comics is Number 1
Strong figures by DC

Let us know what you’re currently reading from the Rebirth line.

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