Review: Green Arrow #3

by Eric Joseph
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green arrow 3 cover

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Artist: Juan Ferreyra

Some Spoilers Ahead

Another issue of Benjamin Percy’s Green Arrow has hit stands and, once again, it’s on target (hold for applause). This is what those of us who have been wanting to gain more insight into the Ninth Circle have been waiting for. More on that in a moment.

First, I would like to address the change of artists as many Rebirth titles have been doing already in attempt to meet the twice-monthly shipping schedule. Fortunately, Green Arrow may be the one most positively affected. Although I feel Otto Schmidt really defined the look of this book, Juan Ferreyra kicks all sorts of ass as he not only conforms to the precedent set by Schmidt, but makes his own mark. Ferreyra’s work is a bit more detailed, his colors are vibrant, and he certainly knows how to stage blockbuster action scenes.

As a fan of the spy genre, I enjoyed seeing Green Arrow infiltrate his own building, cutting through security measures like the sharpest of scalpels. In the process, he confirms what some of us have suspected about his colleagues. Although you may have it figured out, I’ll leave the surprise to your reading experience.

John Diggle, who is proving to be quite the bad ass, continues to work the case from the opposite end. His globetrotting scenes kind of reminded me of the Hitman games. You know, bald guy with a silenced pistol confessing his sins. Even if that wasn’t Percy’s intention, I appreciate jogging my gaming memory.

Getting back to the Ninth Circle, we find out they have their hands in pretty much every criminal activity around the globe. They kind of seem like DC’s equivalent of SPECTRE, only wearing masks. Well, that’s the parallel I’m drawing.

As the plot thickens in most intriguing ways, Green Arrow not only continues to firmly sit atop the Rebirth throne, it’s confidently putting up its feet.


Images courtesy of DC Entertainment.

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