Review: Wonder Woman #2

by Eric Joseph
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wonder woman 2

Writer: Greg Rucka

Artist: Nicola Scott

With this issue begins “Wonder Woman: Year One,” which will span even numbered issues for the foreseeable future. As a reminder, “The Lies,” which takes place in the present, will continue to occupy odd numbered issues. I will continue to wonder how this will be collected into a trade.

Nicola Scott handles artistic duties for “Year One” and does a fantastic job. Although I’m admittedly more mesmerized with what Liam Sharp has been doing, Scott brings a certain quality to the table that seems appropriate for the story arc’s youthful motif.

Greg Rucka brings Themyscira to life exceedingly well and does doubly so for her relationship with her mother, Queen Hippolyta. Be sure to pay attention as certain things will no doubt have their reverberations felt in “The Lies.” Steve Trevor’s story runs parallel to to that of the Amazon Princess in rather clever fashion. But, then again, would any Wonder Woman origin story be complete without a “How Diana met Steve” moment?

It’s kind of funny to read this with it arriving hot on the heels of other tales of Diana’s beginnings such as Wonder Woman: Earth One and The Legend of Wonder Woman, the latter of which is still ongoing, but I guess an in continuity origin story is necessary. Despite much familiarity being contained within, I thoroughly enjoyed this issue and believe it to be the best yet in the series since the relaunch.


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