Review: Action Comics #959

by Eric Joseph
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action comics 959

Writer: Dan Jurgens

Artist: Tyler Kirkham

Some Spoilers Ahead

The latest issue of Action Comics doesn’t necessarily further the plot of the current story arc all that much, but you certainly won’t regret reading it. This just may be another example of writers stalling a bit to accommodate the new twice-monthly shipping schedule. At least Dan Jurgens serves up another plateful of action and intrigue that left this longtime Superman fan entertained.

Patrick Zircher is already sitting out an issue, but Tyler Kirkham is more than capable of stepping up to bat. From start to finish, his artwork is nothing short of phenomenal and is given an extra push by Arif Prianto’s robust colors. Every image has such a polish to it and I wouldn’t mind seeing Kirkham draw subsequent issues.

This issue allows us to see the Doomsday problem for Lois’ point of view. We may sometimes forget how loved ones may be affected when all the punches are flying and I think Jurgens made a good choice in including this element. Not only that, young Jon, who is entirely ignorant to the events of Death of Superman, adds yet another fiber to the fabric.

But, seriously, what’s up with the mysterious Clark Kent running around? The teasers and breadcrumbs being left sure are making the next two months leading to the big reveal quite torturous. This may warrant a re-read when it’s all said and done. Learning that he is indeed breakable isn’t a shocker, yet it somehow raises more questions. I can only wonder what the status quo will be like at the end of this year.

The battle with Doomsday continues to be brutal and yield devastating consequences. I could see this leading to having fallout similar to what happened in Man of Steel, if you know what I mean. Lex Luthor also took a pounding in the process, but it seemed as though his ego was bruised more than his body.

Yes, the fight will continue into the next issue, but I can’t really complain since I’m having too much fun reading this title. Plus, the deepening of what continues to be one of Rebirth’s greatest mysteries ensures my return for months to come.


Images courtesy of DC Entertainment.

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