Review: Green Arrow #2

by Eric Joseph
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Writer: Benjamin Percy

Artist: Otto Schmidt

Some Spoilers Ahead

You can probably take one look at Juan Ferreyra’s cover art and know that you’re getting something special: it’s beautiful, foreboding, and makes me crave fruit punch Gatorade. Sure, sometimes you can just purchase a comic book for its cool cover, but it’s always reassuring to know that you’re going to get a quality product.

Believe me, you’re getting that here.

The consistency is there from start to finish, as Otto Schmidt’s interiors nearly animate themselves. He is undoubtedly one of the artists to watch in 2016 and makes a great creative partner for Benjamin Percy, whom I will continue to say is giving Green Arrow fans what they have been clamoring for. The fact that I can read this twice a month relieves the sweet agony.

Just don’t expect to see things go so smoothly for our dear Oliver Queen. He’s been betrayed by his own daughter, is supposedly dead, has been slandered in the media, and is now penniless and homeless; basically, he’s had everything ripped out from under him. It may seem a little too soon to some for a deconstruction, but I have a feeling the Green Arrow will come back stronger than ever with the help of his allies.

On that note, Black Canary is tirelessly turning over every stone in search of him and John Diggle makes a welcome return. It seems as though the latter is working the same case from the opposite end, so I hope we don’t have to wait too long for a reunion. There are also some nice Easter Eggs throughout for those who are paying attention.

As for the villainous side of things, we continue to learn more about the mysterious Ninth Circle. From what I can gather, it looks like they’re an organization made up of various other heinous organizations (maybe that’s why we recently saw someone from the Court of Owls at their table). We see some of their rank, The Burned, a grotesque collective that Shado serves. I’m most curious to see how much more Percy will explore before wrapping up this story arc.

Yes, there’s a lot to digest and analyze in this issue, but it’s worth every moment of your time and every penny. Green Arrow is not only one of the best Rebirth titles, it may be THE best.


Images courtesy of DC Entertainment.

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