IMAX ‘Suicide Squad’ Poster Released

by Eric Lee
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Despite getting a new poster just the other daySuicide Squad unveiled another one-sheet for its IMAX release.

This new Suicide Squad poster reimagines the different character logos as marshmallow bits in a big bowl of alphabet cereal that spells out the film title. This poster-along with the previously released ones-promises a colorful, rip-roaring adventure that does not take itself too seriously. This is a very different marketing approach from Batman v Superman’s somewhat morose, slick feeling.

Whomever is doing the poster designs for the movie, you got to give them credit on creativity. The Suicide Squad posters are definitely more eye-catching that a typical action movie poster that photoshops the actors into a group shot with fiery embers falling in front of them.

Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5, 2016.


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