Review: Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harleys #3

harley quinn goh 3

Writers: Jimmy Palmiotti & Frank Tieri

Artist: Mauricet

With the third installment of Jimmy Palmiotti and Frank Tieri’s mini-series that supplements the flagship title, it becomes evermore apparent that the true stars are the Gang themselves. You have probably noticed that Harley Quinn herself isn’t even on the cover this month. That’s certainly not a bad thing, but I really do feel that you must be invested in these new characters to remain on this title. Again, this really is their story.

It doesn’t take very long for us to learn that the antagonist, Harley Sinn, is playing for keeps when she attempts to wipe out the entire Gang in one fell swoop. To their credit, they use their assumed demise to their advantage. After all, someone isn’t going to come looking for you if they think they successfully blew you up.

Speaking of Sinn, we get more of an inkling that she has an affinity for Harley. I get the feeling she’s a stalker who has gone to the extreme and, believe me, this is the issue wherein we truly learn how unhinged she is and how far she’s willing to go. Nobody is going to want to be this gal’s friend.

As the Gang finds some temporary digs, we see how resourceful Coach is. Thanks to her efforts, the ragtag group of would be heroes has an idea of who Harley Sinn is and her possible motivation. If you have the issue of Harley Quinn in which the Gang auditions took place, now it the time to scramble for it and search for Waldo, as it were.

Once again, Mauricet brings such emotive detail to the table. It’s as if his artwork does the acting for the characters, if that makes sense.

The overall story is proving to be a slow burn, kind of like 24. Harley is still kidnapped and they’re still searching for her. It’s not the strongest issue to date, but as someone who pays attention to upcoming solicits, I really do think it’s well advised for readers to stay on for the remaining three issues. This could end up being something really cool.


Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

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