Telltale Batman Game To Be Released This Summer

by Eric Lee
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Telltale Games, the maker of story-driven video and computer games, announced that their Batman game will be released as early as this summer.

Despite Telltale Games announcing their next project is a Batman game late last year, there has been minimal details about the game itself. Now officially titled Batman: The Telltale Series, the game will put the focus on the player to make the decisions and consequences of being Batman.

The game will feature Batman staples, such as Alfred, Renee Montoya, Vicki Vale, and Commissioner Gordon. Unfortunately, it will not feature members of the Bat-family, like Robin or Nightwing. Other elements that Bat-fans can expect from the game is a non-photorealistic game environment that will take its design cues from the comics, specifically from Jim Lee, Neal Adams, and Greg Capullo’s runs in the Batman comic. The game will also be rated M (Mature 17+). So far, the details of which villains will be in the game are mum.

While it is great that we can get the first chapter of the story-driven Batman: The Telltale Series sooner rather than later, there is still no exact release date yet. Here is the teaser trailer of the game:

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