OPINION: Regarding Those Rebirth Leaks (No Spoilers)

by Johnny Hughes
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DISCLAIMER: This piece is the work of a single writer and does not represent the views of Dark Knight News as a whole.

There are times when I absolutely detest the internet. Wait, that’s not quite right.  In fact, my unhappiness is more aimed at what we can use the internet for.  I will explain.

DC’s Rebirth is the company’s major push to claw back market share and readers, following in the footsteps of the New 52.  DC announced the books at WonderCon, streamed live via YouTube, setting up a level of excitement with new character designs, new stories, a sense of legacy and the promise of some fantastic creative teams.  They even went as far as removing the Rebirth books from the Previews (Diamond Distribution) catalogue.  This may have been a way to try and keep key parts of the story under wraps, due to the order in advance nature of the comic book industry.  In fact, Chief Creative Officer for DC Entertainment Geoff Johns went as far to write, “Seriously, don’t let anyone ruin DC Universe: Rebirth #1 for you.”

Now, here is where I came in.

It turns out that DC have released the book to certain news sites, putting an embargo in place.  However, story pages were leaked and were reported on by various sites that did not have the privilege of receiving advance copies.

Spoilers are not new.  They exist across all entertainment avenues.  I considered myself lucky to have avoided the fate of “a certain character” in the week leading to me finally getting round to watching the newest Star Wars film.  With Rebirth in mind then, if you don’t want to know what is going to happen on Wednesday then you will have to stay off the internet.  I am too tied to the comic book continuity so have had to bite the bullet.  The argument for the leak being published can be made in the following fashion:  a site publishes a news story that will generate views/hits.  The responsibility of having the story spoiled lies with the reader of the article.  Remember, no one is forcing you to read a spoiler.  You could just click back.

I feel more than a little sorry for Geoff Johns in this situation.  I watched the live stream from WonderCon and was thoroughly impressed with the passion Johns showed when discussing the DC Universe.  As little bits of information came out around future issues and some of the new looks for these classic characters, I found myself transported away from the cynical view of past Crises or even the disappointment of the New 52 causing the cancellation of one of my favourite books.  Instead, I looked at the new issues as a chance to reconnect with the characters I loved, in the type of stories that I love to read.

Geoff Johns wrote, again in the DC Previews catalogue, “I wish I could see your face when you read that one part.  You’ll have to let me know what you think.”  Well, Mr. Johns, the leaked information hasn’t curtailed my enthusiasm for Rebirth; I am just sorry that the leak may have spoiled your efforts to deliver on the expectations you had for us, when reading Rebirth for the first time.

Thank you for all your efforts.

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