Review: Catwoman #52

by Eric Joseph
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catwoman 52

Writer: Frank Tieri

Artists: Inaki Miranda, Pop Mhan, Giuseppe Cafaro

Yet another New 52 title ends its run this week and, believe me, it goes out with quite a bang. Catwoman has been a bit parabolic over the past five years, so it pleases me that it didn’t end on a whimper. I went from loving this title to not wanting to pick up an issue to screaming at the sky as the rain pours down on my face, wishing this weren’t the end. Hey, my brain works in cinematic ways.

Before I proceed further, I just want to say that I LOVED the artwork in this issue. Once you get past Joshua Middleton’s frame worthy cover, you have the pencils and inks provided by Inaki Miranda, Pop Mhan, and Giuseppe Cafaro, which are truly exquisite. What really grabbed me, however, were the colors Eva de la Cruz, Beth Sotelo, and John Starr brought to the table. They range from noir-ish to sepia to that of a vibrant, almost neon quality. Every page provides a new treat for the eyes.

Writer Frank Tieri guides Selina Kyle through a decadent world that sees the False Face Society on the brink of civil war. We also learn of how they are woven into the fabric of Gotham’s history. Wait, wouldn’t it be cool if they one day went to war with the Court of Owls and the Bat-Family was caught in the crossfire?

The paths of Catwoman, Black Mask, and White Mask converge in such a way that it feels like it’s gone through years of buildup (in the comic’s given timeline, it has), but considering this is all contained within a two-issue arc, I must tip my nonexistent hat to Tieri for managing to pull off that miracle. Sure, Black Mask is more so there to further the narrative while the checkered past between Selina and her former lover, White Mask, is the main course.

Although you’re left wanting – and expecting – more, this is one of the best New 52 finales I’ve read so far. I feel it’s a shame there’s no Catwoman title when Rebirth kicks off, not only because I love the character, but also because it seems like Tieri is just getting the party started.


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